Affiliate Marketing Secrets

I was looking through a very popular Webmaster forum and a so called Guru was selling an E-Book called Affiliate Marketing Secrets. Now this guy claims that if you pay him the ten bucks he will tell you the secrets to raking in a ton of cash through Affiliate Marketing. Of course he is full of crap. There is no secret when it comes to Affiliate Marketing. There is no magic button that will make it rain cash nor will you see success overnight. When it comes to Affiliate Marketing what does exist is a formula that I will shares with you in this article

Speed Of Success

Would it not be nice if you created a website and immediately it would be flooded with thousands of viewers with deep pockets? That just does not happen in the world of Affiliate Marketing. First you need to wait for your site to be added to the Google index, then wait for your articles to start appearing in the search engines and then people actually following the links to your actual site. Needless to say this does not happen overnight and if your content quality is bad or you have chosen the wrong keywords to focus on it may never happen

Bare Bones

The days of a single page website or even a five page website are long gone. In order to compete against the next guy you are going to have to dedicate time and effort to create content. It is not about creating a single page that will end up in Google search but by creating multiple pages that will rank for several keywords. The web is full of people who attempted to start a website and realized five pages in that (A) It is a lot of work (B) They have nothing to add to the niche (C) It takes time for people to start coming to your website.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

This Is A Business

Picture a website like a standalone brick and mortar business. It takes time and lots of effort to just get it off the ground and once you open the doors for the first time you just don’t stop. You need to bring in more product and continue to attract customers or else your business is going to fail. A website is no different. Treat Affiliate Marketing for what it is and it will pay off in the long term

Asking For Help

This is key when it comes to developing a website and succeeding in Affiliate Marketing. It is essential if you want to succeed to have a group of like-minded people who have the experience in getting over the humps and will throw you a life line in time of need. Now you all know that I am part of the Wealthy Affiliate community and this is one of the reasons why. I have been involved in Affiliate Marketing for some time and I am always learning about the best way to do this or that. Thankfully I have thousands of people I can ask when I get stuck or when something completely unexpected comes up.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

There Are No Short Cuts

Back in the day there was multiple ways where you could fool the search engines to make your website look a heck of a lot better than it actually was. However Google now knows every single trick in the book and goes to great length to ensure the best experience for their users. The term Black Hat SEO is limited to those who believe that short cuts is the only way to operate and maybe some of these tricks worked briefly in the long term their websites ended up in purgatory. If you try to take a shortcut in Affiliate Marketing it will cost you big time in the end

Constantly Learning

As I have mentioned in previous sections Affiliate Marketing and the way you promote your website is constantly changing and it is essential to keep up with the latest trends. Whether it is Googles preference for Accelerated Mobile Pages or Facebook latest algorithm change it is important to keep up. There is always something to learn in developing a website to the latest way to market a product to how to use rich content in your posts.


When you first start a website it is a really exciting time and the future is bright however when the shine wears off you are left with the work at hand. I run multiple websites and to say it is easy would be a bold face lie. There are days when all I want to do is write posts for my sites and there are days all I want to do is play Minecraft. I have set a strict schedule to make sure that all of my websites are running the way that they should be and that I am creating content on a regular basis.

So when it comes to Affiliate Marketing Secrets the truth is they do not exist. Hard work, dedication, constantly learning and treating it like a business is the way you will be able to make money at home. Is it worth it? Of course it is.  Learn about the latest techniques with your Free trial membership at Wealthy Affiliates


Affiliate Marketing Secrets
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