Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

One of the most popular ways to make money at home is affiliate marketing with Amazon. Amazon of course is the largest online retailer in the world and has been a popular choice for affiliate marketers over the years and shows no sign of slowing down. However, when it comes to affiliate marketing with Amazon there are some minuses when dealing with their affiliate program which we will cover in this article. Already let’s take a closer look at Affiliate Marketing with Amazon


Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

Amazon is not only the largest retailer online it also runs the largest affiliate program as well with nearly a million people promoting their products one way or another. Amazon affiliate program dates back over a decade and for a long time it was the go to place in terms of making money from home however that has begun to change over the last few years. It is easy to join the Amazon Affiliate program as all you need is a website with a couple of articles to be accepted. However, the Amazon Affiliate program is not offered in every country so make sure to check out their affiliate agreement before starting your website tailored to Amazon.

Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

The Positives

Of course one of the main positives when it comes to the Amazon affiliate program is the sheer size of numbers of products that you can promote. From books to bikes to watches to you name it chances are Amazon sells it. Amazon makes it easy to search and find products for your chosen niche as they list their best-selling items for each category. Another positive aspect to dealing with Amazon is when you do make a commission and meet the required payout amount you know they are going to pay you which is a problem with other affiliate programs.

One of my favorite positive aspects of dealing with Amazon is that you get credit for everything that the customer buys when they go from their site to Amazon through your affiliate link. Say you are selling Android Boxes and when the customer gets to Amazon they also decide to buy a seventy-inch television set you will receive the commission for the Android Box and the television set.
Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

The Negatives

The number one complaint when it comes to Affiliate Marketing with Amazon is that their commission rate in certain areas is absolutely pathetic. From as low as one percent and topping out at seven percent so you need to sell numerous items to make good money from the program.
Another issue as of late is a number of Affiliate Marketers who have noticed that there sales and commission have taken a sharp tumble in the last few months. I know marketers who normally count on commissions in the high five figures suddenly see this cut in half. Part of this is due to Amazon itself who has been struggling with their affiliate link tracking which needless to say is upsetting a lot of people. Hopefully this will be fixed in the near future

With 900,000 affiliates in the Amazon program there can be a huge amount of competition in certain niches. It is essential that you do proper keyword research to make sure you have a shot at making money at home.

Affiliate Marketing With Amazon


One of the popular ways that people make money at home with the affiliate marketing program at Amazon and that is through blogging. Basically a person who is running a blog will talk about and review an item they have purchased on Amazon and tell their readers about it. The person will leave an affiliate link and when their readers follow it to Amazon they will make a commission on the items purchased. This is a fantastic way for bloggers who have a high level of traffic to make money at home

Niche Websites

A niche website when it comes to dealing with the Amazon affiliate program is to have a collection of items in a specific niche. An example would be my android box website, Top Android Boxes, where I review a number of android boxes for the customer to view than hopefully than purchase on Amazon. Now when you are dealing with a niche website it is important to keep the items review closely to the item at hand. It would make no sense for me to start reviewing chainsaws over at Top Android Boxes. Not only would this confuse my readers it would also affect my ranking on Google.

Thankfully with all the tools over at Wealthy Affiliate it is pretty easy for me to create a website to use for Affiliate Marketing with Amazon in a very short time period. What does take a while is the actual writing of content as you do need a number of articles in order to rank well and attract visitors.

A quick piece of advice when creating niche websites for Amazon. Make sure that it is a niche that you are comfortable in as it will make the creating of content that much easier and it will promote the product in an easier fashion. If you have never operated a chainsaw it does not make any sense to promote them.

Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

Affiliate Marketing With Amazon has always been a popular choice for affiliate marketers and for some it is their major source of income. When it comes down to making money at home with Amazon make sure you qualify for the program, do keyword research and built out your website with content. Good luck


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Affiliate Marketing With Amazon
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  1. Capitalism at its best, you are showing people how they can earn a living and not leave their homes. The world is changing every day and this is becoming a way to generate and above minimum wage income. I join this organization and have never looked back,. Making the websites and joining the affiliate organizations guaranteed money make. Glad you are showing folks what is out there for them. Not everybody wants to work a 9-5. Loved your review and the links. It’s free and they give you step-by-step instructions, why not try it.

    1. Creating an online income by working from home is definitely desirable to many people. The goal of this site has always been to lead people in the right direction as there is so much misinformation out there. Making money with Amazon is definitely possible for most people who are willing to dedicate time and effort to it

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