Avoid Make Money Online Niche

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for quite sometime and the main mistake most newbies make is choosing to make their first website surrounding the Make Money Online niche which is a massive mistake and the reason most end up failing.  In this article we are going to look at why choosing the Make Money Online niche is such a massive mistake.

make money online competitive

Make Money Online Is Very Competitive

To be honest you will be hard pressed to find a niche that is more competitive than the make money online niche.  Yes the potential commissions can be among the most profitable which is also why there are so many competitors in this particular niche.  Not only do you have every Tom, Dick and Harry competing for the same positions on the front page of Google the majority also have a ton of experience and know all of the ins and outs when it comes to competing in affiliate marketing.

make money online scam

Make Money Online Is Full Of Scams

It amazes me the number of people promoting Make Money Online programs that are basically mirages.  Sure they sound great in the first thirty seconds but once you actual spend time looking at what the person or program is actually promoting you will find it is the same pile of garbage with a new bow.  These programs come out of nowhere and they do really well for the first month or two until people realize there is nothing special about them and bail out.  A couple of months later the same program is then rereleased with different packaging as that is how some webmasters make a living and some do really well.  My name is tied to this website and if you have been following Make Money At Home Review you will realize I only promote one platform and that is Wealthy Affiliate where I am an active member,  I don’t worry at night that I am selling people snake oil.

make money online time

Make Money Online Takes Forever

Let me rephrase that as it does not take forever to make money online as I have a number of sites that started making money during their first month, none of which are in the Make Money Online niche, but when it comes to the niche of Make Money Online you are competing against sites that have been around for a long time.  True you can rank for a long keyword phrase but these contain little traffic and when it comes to the main keywords you are going against webmasters who spend a lot of money each month on PPC and can afford to do so.


How To Make Money Online

First off avoid the make money online niche until you have been doing this for quite sometime and can wait a long time before your website can gain traction.  If you want to make money online concentrate on learning all of the basics through a well defined platform such as Wealthy Affiliate where you will learn the proper steps.  Spend time doing proper keyword research and then concentrate on a platform such as Amazon where you can make money rather quickly

Avoid Make Money Online Niche
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Avoid Make Money Online Niche
Avoid Make Money Online Niche if you want to make money from home. learn why this particular niche destroys beginner marketers
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