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In order to start you on your journey and make money online we are going to need to create a website. Now there are a number of options here which we will cover in this article but I am going to tell you the truth about creating your first website: It is not that hard. For all intents and purposes you will be able to create your own website and start to earn money online.

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Choosing A Platform

There are a number of platforms to choose from when you want to create a free website with the two largest being Blogger and Now Blogger who is owned by Google allows the user to create a rather basic looking site in a short time period. The problem of course with Blogger is that you are limited to a number of templates and designs. I have used Blogger in the past and for certain types of websites they do pretty good such as personal blogs but when it comes to affiliate marketing it just does not look right nor performs particularly well

The second free option is Now when I say do not confuse it with as they may share a common name they are worlds apart. comes with a limited number of themes and plugins that you can use whereas comes with thousands of themes and plugins. This particular site is created using the platform

There is a third option called Site Rubix which runs on the platform however it makes creating a website that much easier. As a free member of Wealthy Affiliate you can build a couple of websites for free however you are limited by the number of themes and plugins. Once you become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate it opens up the door to thousands of themes and over forty thousand plugins. For those not familiar with plugins they basically make it possible to create a website in a ton of different manners and controls all sorts of options from behind the scenes.

With Site Rubix at Wealthy Affiliate the following is how easy it is to set up a site

(A) Choose a domain name

(B) Choose a theme

(C) Start Writing Content For Your New Website

Needless to say when Wealthy Affiliate offered you the ability to create a website of your own in thirty seconds using Site Rubix they were not kidding. IF you are a premier member and purchase a domain from Wealthy Affiliate, cheaper than Godaddy considering the options, it takes mere minutes for them to get you rolling with it
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Pick Your Domain Name

Finding the right domain name can be difficult as a lot of the good ones have already been secured years ago however with a bit of work you will find the right one for you. Finding a domain name on a free platform is much easier but for now we will look at your permanent name.
A domain name could cost as little as four dollars and it could cost you several thousands depending on a few factors. The real cheap domain names tend to be with odd endings such as .info or .blog and so on. Whereas the domain names that cost several thousands are known as premier names such as
The domain name should contain your niche. My domain name for this site is . The shorter version makemoneyathome was taken so I added a word to the end to keep it relevant to my niche and to make sure it was a .com address

Wealthy Affiliate includes a ton of hidden costs that other domain sellers try to stick to you. So when I spent 13.99 on my domain name it came to 15.23 in the end. This domain remains mine for the year which at the end I can choose to renew at the same price

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Now let say you went to Go Daddy and you bought a domain name. The next step would be to find a place to host it. Basically someone is going to make sure your website stays online and visitors can access it. Hosting runs between ten dollars a month to several hundred dependent on the size of your site. As I mentioned in a previous article my premium membership allows me to host twenty-five of my websites free of charge and as a kicker I can host twenty-five free Site Rubix sites as well

If you choose to go through GoDaddy and get your hosting you will need to install wordpress in order to create your website. I would tell you how to do this but it is a royal pain in the ass and would take me half an hour to explain it

Well there you have the initial steps required to create your own website. The main reason affiliate marketers choose to have their own domain is that it looks much more professional and you do not have to worry about the restrictions that the free platforms have. In the next article we will look at the plugins I use on my website in order to keep Google happy and get my site moving up the ranks


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