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In this article we are going to go through the steps in order to create an Amazon Affiliate Website so you can make money from home. Amazon of course is a popular choice when it comes to Affiliate Marketing as they continue to be the largest global retailer online which gives us a ton of products to choose from when it comes to creating a niche website and create passive income streams. In this article I will go step by step to ensure your new website ranks well in the search engines.

amazon affiliate website

Choosing The Right Niche

When it comes to the first step of creating your Amazon Affiliate website we need to narrow it down to a niche or specific topic. What we are looking for has the following criteria

Enough Products To Promote – We are looking for at least ten products that we can write article reviews about in order to be able to produce enough content to make Google and the other search engines happy.

A Strong Price Point – Amazon Affiliate commission are not the highest in the world so in order to make money the products need to cost at least a hundred dollars a piece. If you pick a lower priced product you are going to need a ton of sales in order to reach the payout levels.

Number Of Competition – Remember when fidget spinners were all the rage for a couple of minutes? Well everyone with the faintest ability in web design tried to cash in. The last thing you want is to promote a product or group of products that everyone and their best friend are also promoting as it will make your job that much harder.

Knowledge About The Product – Remember earlier when I mentioned creating ten or more review articles regarding the niche you picked? Well it really helps if you have some familiarity with the item as it will make creating content that much easier. Let me say right here you do not have to be an expert.

Enough Reviews On Amazon – When it comes to writing articles about certain items the reviews on Amazon are really helpful. I can get a clear picture on what people really like about the product and can relay that in my articles. The more reviews a certain product has is a great indicator regarding its popularity.

Narrow Down Your Niche

One of the mistakes that first time Amazon Affiliates make is they make their website way too broad. They will pick a category such as Outdoor Gear and review everything from a tent pole to an electric bike to a climbing harness. When we are looking to climb the ranks of Google we need to narrow it down and focus on one area, If you want to promote watches narrow it down to a specific type of watch such as chronograph watches, there are still hundreds to choose from but we are down to a specific keyword(s).

Once you have your specific niche or specific niches it is essential that we run them through a top end keyword tool such as Jaaxy (pictured below). I am going to use Chronograph watches as my niche

amazon affiliate website

So I am looking at the numbers that Jaaxy Keyword Tool kicked out and I was thinking about Automatic Chronograph Watches but the 119 competing websites for the number one position scared me off. What I do see is Womens Chronograph Watches where there are only 39 competing websites for the same position

Now I know from prior research that there are a ton of womens chronograph watches at Amazon with lots of reviews and at fantastic price points in order to make good commissions. My knowledge of this type of product is not great but with a bit of research I will catch up pretty quick

amazon affiliate domain website

Domain Name – What Is The Name Of Your Site

When it comes to domain name we want something that contains are keywords. The dream here of course would be but if that is not available or will do. We do want a dot com if available as it is the most recognized and I have a funny feeling Google prefers them over the others.

If you purchase it from GoDaddy or one of the larger URL sellers they are going to hit you with a number of fees. The fifteen dollar domain quickly becomes twenty-five dollars if you want the added privacy option. I would just purchase this from Wealthy Affiliate as they would throw in the privacy policy for free plus a few other bonuses as well.

Website Platform

There are a few options here on which website platform that we would like to use and each has its plus and minuses but the clear winner in my opinion is Not only are there thousands of free themes to use there are also tens of thousands WordPress plugins to further customize your site. Do not confuse with as there is a world of difference. At Wealthy Affiliate we use a website builder called Site Rubix that uses the platform plus throws in a number of free options for their premium members

Website Hosting

Not every hosting company is the same. They run from bare minimum accounts where you need an advance degree in Computer Science to get anything accomplished to they do everything for you but will cost you your firstborn in return. Again another Wealthy Affiliate plug here as I can host twenty-five domains for free as part of my premium membership which is cheaper than the majority of hosting companies around. If for some odd reason you decide to go with a hosting company make sure to read the small print

Setting Up Your Website

Now if you went to one of those hosting companies you are going to need to install WordPress. Depending on the company that you went with will determine how much of a pain in the ass that it will be. I am going to just use Site Rubix at Wealthy Affiliate as I can get the base done in under a minute

amazon affiliate review website

Choosing A Theme For Your Amazon Affiliate Website

The cool thing about is that there are thousands of themes to choose from. There are also specialized themes for specific niches including those for review sites. Just put review in the search box and pick one out of the many options that are available. There are review themes that exist online that are specially created for Amazon Affiliate type of websites but they cost money so we will wait til we are making some money at home before exploring that option further.

amazon affiliate wordpress plugins

WordPress Plugins

As I mentioned before there are tens of thousands of WordPress Plugins to help customize your site to a further degree and to help you stand out from the crowd. Here are a few of the more critical WordPress Plugins that will help your Amazon Affiliate website

Yoast SEO – I use this particular plugin on every single site that I run. Basically what it does is help my SEO score in every possible way which helps my articles climb to the top of Google. With a strong sitemap generator and the ability to customize the way your article appears in Google Yoast SEO is a must.

AMP – AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and in this day and age is a must. If your site is not optimized for mobile it is already dead in the water

Glue By Yoast – Basically this plugin combines Yoast SEO and AMP making your site perform that much better for mobile

All In One Schema Rich Snippets – Have you ever seen those reviews on Google that has the little star rating underneath them? Well this is one of the many plugins that can do this for your listings. Not only does this make your review articles stand out it also makes Google happy. A double win

WP Smush – This is an image optimizer that I use to keep my Amazon Affiliate website running fast by shrinking down the size of my images. Product review articles should be image heavy but images can take up a lot of space so WP Smush takes care of that

WP Cache – Again another WordPress Plugin to help the speed of the site. Google does not look fondly on slow websites so it is imperative your site runs as fast as possible.

AddToAny Share Buttons – We all know the value of social networking and this WordPress Plugin places the social networking buttons on your pages.

amazon affiliate templates website

Standard Pages For Your Amazon Affiliate Website

Every website needs the following pages. A privacy page and an affiliate disclosure. Templates for these two specific pages are available online. Another page that should be added is the About Me page where your readers can learn a little about you. Tell them the purpose of your website and what you hope to provide to your readers. Be wary of using your full name, the whole safety thing, just use your first name and your last initial. The above screenshot is taken from my Site Content creator tool at Wealthy Affiliate

Creating Amazon Affiliate Reviews

The goal for a good Amazon review article is to provide your reader with enough information as possible. It is always a good idea to include at least three images. Each of the articles should also include a number of affiliate links that lead your reader to Amazon where they will hopefully purchase the item. Remember with Amazon as long as they use your affiliate link you get credit for everything that they purchase. So if they follow an affiliate link for a watch and end up purchasing a fridge you get a commission for the fridge sale. Each of the Amazon Affiliate products reviews should be at least 500 words in length but the longer the better. After you have completed five Amazon products reviews it is time to actually apply to Amazon

Amazon Affiliate Rules

One of the rules that Amazon Affiliates have is that you must have a website that contains at least some material. I tend to recommend five articles for brand new associates. Once you are part of Amazon Affiliates it is really easy to get approval for all of your additional sites. What you want to do is join the Amazon Affiliate program for where you believe most of your customers are coming from. For the majority that will be the US program. Just fill in a brief form and wait a couple of days then hopefully you will be approved. Amazon tends to approve everyone with a website unless the material is considered to be adult in nature

amazon affiliate onelink website

Amazon One Link

Amazon One Link is actually really recent but thank goodness it does. What the Amazon One Link does is gets you credit for other countries than the one you signed up for. All you have to do is sign up for Amazon Affiliate programs around the world or at least the big three (USA, Canada, UK) so if someone from Canada goes through your Affiliate link it will lead them to Once you are signed up you need to place a specific code somewhere on your site but thankfully Amazon has a great tutorial on how to do this

Amazon Site Strip

Once you sign into your Amazon Affiliate account there will not be the Amazon Sitestrip will appear across the top of Amazon which enables you to get the affiliate links that you will use in your Amazon products reviews. As you can see from the screenshot below you are given three choices (1) Text – Just a plain link which you will use in your Amazon reviews (2) Image – A small image that leads your reader directly to that product once they click on the image (3) Text and Image – A combination of a photo of the image and the price below it. The latter two options can be used throughout your article.

amazon affiliate website

When using the text Amazon link you would apply it just like you would with any other link. Highlight the actual product name within your Amazon review article and then hit the little paperclip or link button and just paste in the link. Nothing too complicated

Well there are the basics when creating an Amazon Affiliate Website.  Becoming an Amazon Affiliate is a great way to earn extra money from home.  Remember that you are competing against similar websites for the one stop on top of Google search so the more you put into it the better that you will be

To learn more about Affiliate Marketing check out the FREE membership option over at Wealthy Affiliate.  Make sure to say hi to Terryg247 when you are there


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