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I have been doing affiliate marketing as a way to earn money online since the early 2000s and needless to say I have come across a ton of scams along the way. From sure hit software programs that were supposed to build a mass amount of back links which in return would send a ton of free traffic to one of my websites to so called internet gurus who promised that their program was the key to making a ton of money online. Unfortunately today there are still scams out there and I doubt that they will ever go away. In today’s article we are going to look at how to earn money online scam free.

earn money online no scams

Identifying Scams

1. If It Sounds Too Good To Be True It Probably Is A Scam – One of the main ways that people promote scam products is making unrealistic promises such as a ton of money overnight or promising top positions in the search engines regardless of the keyword. Neither of which is possible. When it comes to earning money online it takes time and nothing comes easy

2. Turnkey Money Making Websites – I see this over and over again. Some guy has created a website and now wants to sell it to you and promises it will start making money overnight. Now if you built a website that is already making a couple of hundred bucks per month would you sell it for a hundred bucks? Most of these websites are so thin or all the content is copied from someone elses website. They are not going to make money and definitely not overnight.

3. Link Building Software – Google is really smart so lets just get that out of the way. If they notice that your brand new website suddenly has five thousand new links from a variety of websites they are going to get suspicious really quick and your website will disappear from the search engine rankings. The majority of the links come from sites that no one has heard of and chances are they are not related to your niche so they are useless

earn money online no scams

Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are a few affiliate marketing programs that need to be aware of how they structure their membership. Chances are the first level will be a couple of dollars for seven days and than fifty plus dollars a month for their standard membership and than one hundred dollars a month for their silver membership and finally a thousand bucks for their gold membership. Of course all the stuff and tools that they initially promised you at the first level is only available for gold members. Before you join any Affiliate Marketing Program make sure you know what you are getting into and they have a strong refund program.

earn money at home no scams

Affiliate Marketing Reviews Scam Alert

Of course the way most people earn money online is by promoting different products and services. Where Amazon may pay you four to eight percent commission for selling one of their items the commission on earn money at home products can be as high as seventy-five percent so needless to say that is what most people focus on. At first when they begin to promote this type of product they are honest and try to give you a full overview of the how to earn money at home service but as time progresses the honesty tends to fade as they are more concerned about making a commission than anything else. Make sure that you check out several reviews before making a decision and than actually take advantage of the trial or free membership if it is available.

wealthy affiliate free

Earn Money Online With Wealthy Affiliate

If you have been here for a while you know that I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been so for awhile. The reason I use Wealthy Affiliate is the following

– No hidden fees. My membership is fifty bucks per month and that is it

– I can host twenty-five of my domains for free

– I can host twenty-five of the site rubix domains for free

– Thousands of members who are always willing to help

– Tons of informational material regarding affiliate marketing and earning money online

– Top end keyword tool so I can determine traffic, competition and overall niche

Needless to say for fifty bucks per month it is well worth it. Everything I need is located in one place making my life so much easier when it comes to earning money online. Make sure to grab the Free Membership From Wealthy Affiliate and say goodbye to scams

Earn Money Online No Scams
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