Google Adsense Auto Ads What You Need To Know

Last week Google Adsense introduced Auto Ads to their dashboard with the promise that it will make it much easier for webmasters to make money off of their websites and blogs. Basically what Google Adsense Auto Ads does is place banners on your website for you. I started using this new Google tool a week ago and I will cover what I think about this advanced ad placement tool during this article.

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What Is Google Adsense Auto Ads

Basically what Google Adsense Auto Ads platform does is automatically place the ads on to your website or blog for you using an advance algorithm. Of course the main issue with this is that you have no control on how many ads will show up on your pages or posts. Before Google Adsense limited you to three banners per page however with Auto Ads it can be much more than that which is a bit odd and I would imagine in the future Google will add a feature that lets you choose how many ads that you want to show on a given page.

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How To Set Up Google Adsense Auto Ads

Setting up Google Adsense Auto Ads for the first time is actually pretty straight forward. As you can see from the screen shot above once you have enabled this particular ad placement tool you then need to choose in which areas that you want the ads to show. To be honest I just selected all of them and let Google figure out which is the best for my sites

Once you have selected the available ad types Google Adsense will provide you with a code that you need to incorporate into your website. When using WordPress I just use the Insert Header and Footer Plugin and stick the code in the header section. With Blogger I needed to actually place the code inside of the actual code of the website which is pretty easy if you post it just below the initial HEAD section.

Then that is it. Google will then determine which is the best ads for your website or blog and how many ads should be placed on a given page or post

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Getting Rid Of Old Google Adsense Ads

This is pretty much up to you whether you wish to go back through your site and remove the old Google Adsense ads. Google will see the code for the older ads and just work around it or ignore it completely.

I have decided to keep all of my old Google Adsense ads for now as it does not seem to make a difference overall

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Making Money With Google Adsense Auto Ads

Since installing Google Adsense Auto Ads a week ago my revenue has gone up by at least twenty-five percent. Now do not get me wrong I am not going to be buying a Jaguar tomorrow as the total daily revenue barely pays for a cup of coffee but at least it is something

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Google Adsense Auto Ads Wrap Up

I actually really like the new Google Adsense Auto Ads as it is now showing ads on pages that Google was ignoring in the past which is resulting in more passive income for me which is always a good thing. The only real concern that I have with this new tool is the number of ads that are appearing on some pages and posts but since this tool was just released I am expecting to be able to control this in the future. If you are not using the Google Adsense Auto Ads you are leaving money behind


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