How To Add Your Site To Google

There has been a lot of questions lately on the best way to add your site to Google so we are going to take a closer look at the exact process today. I am going to use a site I created a couple of days ago to show easy it is to build a site over at Wealthy Affiliate. I have done absolutely nothing with this site since I created it. Anyway lets answer the question of How To Add Your Site To Google

Google Webmaster Tools

The first thing you are going to need to do is sign in to your Google Webmaster Tools aka Google Search Console. If for whatever the reason you have not yet signed up you really need to and its free to boot.

Add Site To Google Search Console

– As you can see from the screenshot below they are asking you to place in your site URL. I should mention here that you should add all versions of your site to Google Search Console to get the best results ie, and so forth

how to add your site to google

Verify Your Site With Google Search Console.

Now Google is going to ask you to verify your site. I have found the best way to do this is by using the alternative methods, the second tab, and by choosing HTML Tag. What you are going to want to do is copy the meta tag.

add your site to google

Place The Meta Tag In Your SEO Plugin

As I have stated numerous times on this website I prefer to use Yoast SEO. However most SEO plugins have a webmaster tool section. Go to this area and paste in the meta tag under the Google section. The screenshot below is from Yoast SEO. Once you have pasted the code make sure to hit save. Now go back to Google Search Console and hit verify

google xml sitemap
Submitting Sitemap To Google Search Console

The next step is to add a sitemap to Google Search Console. Inside of Yoast SEO there is a section for sitemaps. Hit the link and it will give you a URL that ends with sitemap_index.xml . If you are not using Yoast your sitemap URL will probably be different and most end in sitemap.xml. As you can see from the screenshot below Google Search Console has its own sitemap section where you just need to add the section regarding the sitemap, in my case sitemap_index.xml. Then hit the add button

add sitemap to googleAs you can see the sitemap is pending and it normally takes a bit for Google to get around and look at it. A way to speed up the process is to use the Fetch feature which is located in the Google Search Console under the same section as the sitemap. Just put in one of your articles into the box and hit render.

google fetchOnce Google has Fetched the article you can choose from two options. 1. Crawl Only This URL. 2. Crawl This URL And Its Direct Links. The first option you can use five hundred times per month whereas the second option you are limited to ten per month

google fetch add url
All you need to do is verify you are not a robot and pick one of the objects. The website I am using for this example is not very good so I am not sure if Google will choose to index it or not. Guess we will wait and see. Anyway that is the step by step procedure I use to add my site to Google.  Learn more tips and tricks at Wealthy Affiliate


How To Add Your Site To Google
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How To Add Your Site To Google
How To Add Your Site To Google. The Step by Step procedure I use to add new sites to Google Search Engine
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