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As you are all familiar with now I run a number of Amazon websites including… which was created using one of my twenty-five free domains at Wealthy Affiliate. I tend to build all my Amazon Websites in the same fashion which I will cover in this article step by step to show the entire process. Needless to say this is going to be a rather long post. Already lets start building an Amazon website

Keyword Research

First thing I always do after finding a topic that I am interested in is head over to the Jaaxy keyword tool which is available for free to all members of the Wealthy Affiliate Community. The keywords I have in mind have to deal with Chronograph Watches. As you can see from the screenshots below the numbers for Chronograph Watches look like this.

build an amazon website Jaaxy keyword
Average Searches Per Month – 989

Traffic Received For Being Number One In Google Search – 169

Quoted Search Results – 233

Keyword Quality Indicators – Normal

SEO – 71

Well the numbers are not exactly the ones I was hoping for as the Quoted Search Results is really high meaning that 233 websites are competing for that exact term. Let’s narrow this down to Chronograph Watches For Men

build an amazon website jaaxy keyword 2

The numbers for Chronograph For Men look much better

Average Searches Per Month – 659

Traffic Received For Being Number One Listing – 113

Quoted Search Results – 98

Keyword Quality Indicators – Great

SEO – 94

Now these are numbers I feel much more comfortable with for my main keywords. Remember when you are creating an Amazon website the main keywords are helpful however most people are going to be searching for the exact product name. What I am looking for is a general view of the amount of traffic that this particular category brings in

Build The Website Basics

Well it is time to head back to Wealthy Affiliate and start the actual creation of the website and hope I can find a domain name that will include all of my keywords. Wealthy Affiliate has a Site Builder that makes the creation of this or any website really easy. Let’s look at the stepbuild an amazon website domain
Choose A Domain

As you can see from the screenshot above I have a number of choices in front of me

A) On A Free Domain – With the Wealthy Affiliate Membership I can have up to twenty-five free domain sites hosted for free. I tend to use the free domain sites to try out niches

B) On A Domain You Own –
– With the Wealthy Affiliate Membership I can host twenty-five sites for domains that I own, like the site you are currently on.

C) Register A Domain

– Pretty straight forward. I can find and register a domain using the Wealthy Affiliate platform that includes a ton of bonuses that you will not find elsewhere.

We are going to use a free domain for this article as I am not really sure I want yet another watch website. However if I notice a surge of visitors and hopefully sales than I can always purchase a domain later on.

build an amazon website url

Pick A Domain

Now it is time to see if I can actually obtain the desired domain for my website. Yep it is available so I registered Chronograph Watches For Men and used the domain name also as my title

build an amazon website theme

Pick A Theme

When it comes to creating an Amazon site you want a theme that will make it easy to set up your posts so your reader gets as much information as possible in a quick manner. I have chosen to use the Ready Review Theme. Once I have selected the Theme I just hit the go button and all the behind the scenes actions are done for me and thirty seconds later I am presented with a website.

build an amazon website wordpress

Basic Housekeeping

What I have now is your standard WordPress site so I need to do some housekeeping in order to get it read. What I am going to do is delete all the sample pages, posts and comments. At this time I will also change the tagline from “Just Another WordPress Site” to “Chronograph Watches For Men Reviews”. I am also going to create a new category titled Chronograph Watches.

build an amazon website wordpress plugins

WordPress Plugins

Now there are the normal WordPress Plugins that you install on all of your websites but the ones that I really focus on are meant for an Amazon review site. Here is a list of all the WordPress Plugins I am going to install

– Add To Any Share Buttons

– All In One Schema Rich Snippets

– AMP For WordPress
– Glue For Yoast SEO and AMP

– Insert Headers And Footers

– WP Product Review Lite

– WP Smush

– WP Super Cache

– Yoast SEO

I just follow the recommended settings of each of the WordPress Plugins for the most part. I may mess with the colors at a later date but nothing I am overly concerned with at the moment. Here is a brief explanation on why I chose some before mentioned WordPress Plugins. All in One Schema Rich Snippets and AMP are both to keep Google happy as that is something they are now looking for.

Insert Headers and Footers I use to place the Amazon Onelink to ensure that all of my readers from around the globe go to the right Amazon site. WP Product Review Lite is recommended by the creators of the theme that I am using plus I actually like it for my Amazon Sites

build an amazon website pages

Creating New Pages

What I have to do now is create the pages that Google is looking for which are the Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosure and while I am at it the About Me page. Wealthy Affiliate has template that I can use and all I really have to do is just replace the YourSite with my own. This saves a ton of time as both are pretty lengthy and boring. Once I have created the pages in Site Content all I have to do is send them to the site and they are posted as pages. Nice and easy.

build an amazon website menus

Create A Menu

Now I have to create the main menu for the new Amazon website so that it includes all the pages that I just created plus I am going to add the Chronograph Watches category so all of my reviews are easy to find.

build an amazon website posts

The Amazon Reviews

When I am looking for a product to promote I tend to aim for the ones with the most reviews as this tells me they are popular and I can use part of the reviews in my actual post. Here is how I set up my review posts

Title – The full name of the product so for the first one it is “Seiko SNN231P2 Chronograph Men’s Black Dial Black Leather Strap Quartz Watch”. When people are searching for a specific item they tend to copy and past the actual full product name so it makes sense to use this as a title
Brief Introduction – Basically a paragraph of what I find attractive about this item and making sure I use the full name at least once
Features – The actual features of the item
Amazon Reviews – I take a number of samples from the actual Amazon Reviews and cover briefly any negative comments
Wrap Up – Basically summarizing everything that I said about the item up to this point. I make sure to include my affiliate link at the end of the paragraph.
I always use at least three images that I find by doing an exact Google search of the image. Amazon magnifier makes it difficult to take an image from the product page so it is easier just to search on Google. With each of the images I link it to Amazon through my affiliate link.
build an amazon website rich

Rich Snippets And Yoast SEO

Now it is time to finish the post by putting in all the details in the Rich Snippets section. For this type of site I just pick item review, put in my pen name, the name of the product and assign it a star rating out of five which will show up on the search pages once this post is indexed and starts to rank

With the Yoast SEO I use the full name as the keyword and then edit the snippet making sure that I include the full name of the product plus the keywords that I am aiming for

build an amazon website affiliate settings

Affiliate Settings

This is part of the Theme that I am using and all they want is the affiliate link, star rating and the rank of the particular item. This information will be used on the main page in the right-hand sidebar giving the readers a quick overview.

The second part of the Affiliate Settings has everything from the price of the item, another affiliate link, featured photo, pros and cons. This will show up in a separate box inside of the post

build an amazon website published


Now you have published your very first Amazon review all you have to do is rinse and repeat. I tend to wait for the website to have at least three posts before I fetch it from Google and add the sitemap. Hopefully Google is on the ball and in a matter of days it will appear in Google Search

Well that is the process I use to create a website from Amazon from start to finish. Everyone has their own preferences on the way the site looks but that can be played with but all the elements will remain. The last site I created in this fashion was indexed by Google the first day and the posts were normally indexed within a twelve-hour period. If you have any questions just leave them in the comment section below and I will try to get to them as soon as possible


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