How To Choose A Topic For Your Blog

When it comes to the question “How To Choose A Topic For Your Blog” there is not a one size answer that fits all. In this article we are going to look at the process that is essential to go through to ensure that not only will people actually find your blog but you also can make money off of it in the future. Already lets go through the process of finding the right topic for your blog.


I have seen too many people find an expensive product on Amazon that has a ton of positive reviews and decide that is what the topic of their blog is going to be. Horrible idea. Very quickly when it comes to creating content they run into problems making the reviews have a personal touch. Now do not get me wrong you do not need to be an expert about the topic but it helps to have at least base knowledge.

Think about what your interests are and what would you be comfortable in writing a number of articles about. Remember a good website is going to have new material a couple of times per week after the initial creation of articles is done. Makes it a lot easier when you have an interest in the material. Hey I could probably make a ton of money writing about mesothelioma but it would take me weeks to create a single article that would be considered readable.


There are two main ways to monetize a blog (a) Advertising (b) Affiliate Marketing.

Advertising – Of course the big boy in this group on how to monetize a blog is Google Adsense. Google Adsense works in two ways (1) You are paid per thousand views of your blog – not a lot like we are talking pennies here (2) You are paid when someone clicks on your ad – the amount differs greatly depending on the actual keyword being used as it can range from fifty cents to a dollar with high paying keywords being over twenty dollars a click. What should be noted here is that the blogs that do the best with Google Adsense have a ton of traffic coming in, very few people actually click on ads anymore as we have pretty much gone ad blind.

Affiliate Marketing – The most popular way of making money off of a blog or a website is through affiliate marketing. Let say you have decided to write about your daily bike ride to work or school. During your blog posts you could mention the type of bicycle that you are riding and link it up with Amazon. Someone follows your affiliate link to Amazon and makes a purchase then you make a commission. Amazon commissions are not as good as they once were however with more and more people turning to this retail giant helps make up the loss. When it comes to affiliate marketing it is great to have products that you are along the same theme or niche as your blog. Does not make a lot of sense if you are writing about your daily bike ride and trying to promote car parts.

If you want to make money off of your blog make sure that there is a way to monetize it either through Advertising or Affiliate Marketing

Choose A Topic For Your Blog Than Narrow It Down Even Further

Blogs have been around since the beginning of the internet and now in order to compete in this highly competitive world you are going to have to take a topic for your blog than narrow it down even further. Let’s take pets for example which is a popular topic to blog about so there are tons of competing websites. Here lets run it through Jaaxy, my favorite keyword tool and see what pops up

choose a niche for your blog
So as you can see “Pets” has 390,528 searches per month for that one keyword, the number one site in the number one position receives 66,390 of that traffic. With over 430 websites competing for that one keyword both the Keyword Quality Indicator and SEO are really going to suck which they both do. The websites that dominate for this particular keyword are large retailers who spend a small fortune to ensure they stay at the top of the list.

If we still want to blog about pets we need to figure out a way to break into this competitive market so I will use Jaaxy again to find a better keyword

choose a niche for your blogSo another search in Jaaxy brings up the keywords dog costumes. Which has 9914 total searches per month, with the top website picking up 1686 of that traffic. Unfortunately we have nearly 350 websites competing for that exact keyword phrase making both the Keyword Quality Indicator and SEO very poor overall

The purpose of the two searches that I obtained from Jaaxy is to show you how a popular topic such as pets and dog costumes have so much competition that other than friends and family no one else is going to find your site. We obviously what to find a topic for your blog that has interest but not a ton of competition or else the fight is always going to be hard and straight up hill.

Before you settle on your topic for your blog make sure that you use a keyword tool such as Jaaxy or you are going to be shooting yourself in a foot

There are ways to make money with a blog and it starts with finding the right topic. Too much competition and you are going to find yourself at the back pages of Google search, not enough traffic may move you to the front of Google but still no one will visit your site and you will not be able to make money off of it. With the use of a great keyword tool such as Jaaxy, which is free to Wealthy Affiliate Members by the way, will help you narrow down that topic and set you on the road to success.


Choose A Topic For Your Blog
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Choose A Topic For Your Blog
Choose A Topic For Your Blog. Choosing the wrong blog topic will shoot yourself in the foot before you can even begin. Learn why Jaaxy is such a powerful keyword tool
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2 thoughts on “How To Choose A Topic For Your Blog

  1. You made some really good points here.
    As you mentioned, if you are writing about your daily bike ride and trying to promote car parts, it is probably not going to work.
    That is the mistake I see on many niche websites. Affiliates drop many links on their websites that have nothing to do with the niche and with the content they are writing about, and they wonder why they do not make sales.
    When it comes to Jaaxy, I personally use that keyword tool and I would recommend it to anyone.
    You can get 30 searches for free.
    Question about Google Adsense. What amount of traffic (approximately) you need to have if you want to see some profit?
    I was thinking a lot of trying Adsense, but I think I will pass since you mentioned that you need to have ton of traffic on your website.

    1. Honestly when it comes to Google Adsense you need a minimum of a thousand views per day and even that is not going to bring in much revenue especially if no one is clicking the ads

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