How To Get Google To Index Your Site Fast

Now that we have set up our website it is time for Google to index your site and I will share you with the process that I use that I have found to work quickly. Basically Google sends out their bots and in time they will find your site but I am rather inpatient and since you are reading this article I am guessing you are too. So Let’s help Google find your website quickly and add it to their index which is just the first part of attracting visitors.

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Google Sitemap:

It is essential to have a sitemap on your site that tells Google exactly where everything is located. Now trying to create your website sitemap on your own would be a royal pain in the butt but thankfully WordPress has a fantastic sitemap plugin to help you. As I mentioned in a previous post regarding WordPress Plugins that I use Yoast SEO and one of the main reasons is for their incredible sitemap generator. Basically Yoast SEO creates the plugin telling the search engine exactly where all of your posts, pages and images are located, every time you add something to your site Yoast SEO notifies Google about the changes. Like I said Yoast SEO rocks.

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Google Search Console

Google Search Console is part of  Webmaster Tools and it is a must have when it comes to maintaining a website. Google Search Console is full of a ton of useful tools that will tell you exactly how they are viewing your site and how it is being indexed. The area that we are concerned with for this article is (A)Index (B) Crawl.
Now for the Index it will tell you how many of your pages are currently indexed by Google. Which is pretty self-explanatory. The second which we will use for the remainder of this article is the Crawl section of the Search Console

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Google Index: Brand New Site

The first thing we need to do is verify your site in Search Console. When you add your site it will ask you for a way to verify that you are truly the owner. The easiest way is to choose Alternative Methods than the HTML Tag option. Google will provide you with a link which you will paste and copy into Yoast SEO under Webmaster Tools
Remember that sitemap we were talking about earlier in this article? Well we are now going to need that link which is obtained by going through Yoast SEO and under the sitemap tag. It looks something like this “” . Head to the sitemap section and there is a button to add or test your sitemap. If you are using Yoast SEO all they want is the “sitemap_index.xml” part of the URL. Put it in and hit submit. Depending on how busy Google is will determine how long it takes them to fetch your Sitemap from your site

What I like to do to speed up the process is take that same sitemap URL and use the Fetch tool in Search Console. I put in my sitemap URL into the box and hit the fetch and render box. Again depending on how busy Google is at that moment will determine how long this take to go from pending to complete. Once it is complete you can press request indexing. What is important here is that if you request just the exact URL to be indexed you will be able to do this another 499 times however if you pick to index this URL and its direct links you will only have nine remaining. I suggest you use the later making sure Google gets everything.

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Google Index New Articles

When it comes to speeding up the process of being indexed by Google for individual articles I tend to use the above method plus a couple more things. The first thing I do after writing my latest article is have Google fetch the URL of the new post. I tend to use the indexing for the exact link as we have a ton of them plus Google knows about the rest of my site. So go back to Fetch tool and put in your new URL.

After I have told Google all about my new post the next step is to post the link on different social media accounts. The three that I use for all of my posts are Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. Google is well aware of what is taking place on social networks and will help speed up the process of Google recognizing and indexing your site and articles.

This is the process that I use for every article I create on all of my sites. I have found that the above process by using Google fetch continues to be an effective way for Google to find you and index your articles.  Thankfully with the help of my friends at Wealthy Affiliate I am always kept up to date with the latests fastest way to get Google to index my articles


How To Get Google To Index Your Site Fast
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