Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam

With all the articles that I have written on my little corner of the web talking about all the Wealthy Affiliate Training I still get emails asking me the question “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?” so I decided to dedicate this article to answering that dread question so you can determine for yourself whether Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal or just a lot of empty promises that costs you money.

is wealthy affiliate a scam

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options – Free Trial

First off to truly experience Wealthy Affiliate all you need to do is sign up for a free membership and no no credit card is required. With this Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership you will be able to completely explore Wealthy Affiliate and all that it has to offer. Along with this fantastic opportunity you can also try out the numerous tools that are available on the site and see for yourself how effective their site builder is and ask as many questions as you want in the chat and the forums. I repeat this free Wealthy Affiliate Membership has absolutely no hidden costs and nor will you be pestered at every turn to upgrade your membership to the premium level. This is not some internet guru site who shows you a paragraph and promises you the world for at Wealthy Affiliate what you see is what you get.

wealthy affiliate a scam

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Option – Premium Membership

Of course a ton of people who partake in the free membership option decide that Wealthy Affiliate is their education to finally making money at home. The premium option includes more tools and educational opportunities than any other affiliate community on the web. Here is just a few of the highlights of what you get with a premium membership

– Twenty Five Sites Hosted – This is the URLS that you own like this site that you are currently on

– Twenty Five Site Rubix Sites Hosted – This is the free website option for those that do not yet feel comfortable purchasing their own domain. What I tend to use these site for is to try out various niches and once they begin to perform than purchase the domain at a later date

– Site Rubix Web Builder – When it comes to building a site it can be a royal pain in the butt however with Site Rubix you can do all the hard work in a couple of minutes. Pick a domain, pick a title and pick a theme that is it. All the hard stuff is done for you. Takes me longer to locate the plugins that I want then it does to actually build the site.

– Site Domains – Yep I spent 14.99 on the URL for this site but Wealthy Affiliate was kind enough to through in a bunch of free options that the other domain re sellers want to charge you for. How about HTTPS at no extra charge, what about privacy for the year at no extra charge, build in site booster for free and security to keep all the bad stuff away from your website all for that initial 14.99.

Sign Up For Your Free Membership Now – No Credit Card Required

– Endless Support – When you are a part of an affiliate marketing community that has tens of thousands of members it is pretty easy to get answers to your questions. Want to know about PPC? There are people who know all the ins and outs. Want to run your latest niche past someone? They are easy to find.
– Jaaxy The Keyword Tool – You could go out and spend thirty bucks a month or more on a solid keyword tool like many others do but as a Premium Wealthy Affiliate Member I don’t have to as Jaaxy is included in my membership. If I want to research a niche that I have a good feeling about Jaaxy is right there to tell me whether it is a fantastic idea or the worst idea ever.

– Education – K it is called Wealthy Affiliate University for a reason. Between the initial training which I have covered on length on this site to Affiliate Bootcamp which will show you how to make real money online to hundreds of video seminars and tons and tons more material covering every single aspect of affiliate marketing under the sun. It is easy to spend months just covering all the archived educational material let alone the new stuff that comes out every couple of days. Wealthy Affiliate believes that its members should give back and one of the many ways it does this is by the creation of new educational material shared by all of its members

– No Upsells – All you have to do is pay for the monthly membership and that is it. Sure there is the occasional fee when you want to purchase a new domain but that is it. No pay a hundred bucks and get the extra bonuses that they forgot to tell you about when you signed up. Nope there is the Free Membership and the Premium Membership and that is it

wealthy affiliate scam

Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Yep. Will it happen overnight? Nope. Affiliate Marketing is a business and it has to be treated as such. If you put in the time and effort then you can make money offline. With the combination of educational material, support and one on one coaching there is absolutely no reason you can not make money at Wealthy Affiliate. If you are going to try and skate by just go out and buy a lottery ticket as the odds are just as good. At the end of the day making money online comes down to you but once you have all the tools and the dedication the odds drastically rise in your favor

wealthy affiliate scam?

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

No. At the same time it is only meant for those people who are serious about making money online and will put in the time and effort. All the tools are provided for you and all excuses are thrown out the window for at Wealthy Affiliate it is all about helping each other succeed. Just take advantage of the Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership and take a look for yourself and you will see what all the fuss is about

Sign Up For Your Free Membership Now – No Credit Card Required

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