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In todays articles we are going to take a closer look at the process of making money with Google Adsense. I will lead you through the steps of first getting your website or blog qualified to show Google Adsense ads and the best way to make money from this popular ad platform. I should mention right off the bat that making money with Google Adsense is not as easy as it use to be. Already lets get this show on the row.

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Qualifying For The Google Adsense Program

Not every website or blog will qualify for the Google Adsense program as Google can be a bit picky on which website or blog that is allowed to show their ads. Here are a few of the qualifications that your website needs to pass before you will be allowed into the program

Enough Content – Too many people apply for the Google Adsense program when their blog or website is brand new and are a bit surprised when Google says no. In order to qualify for this ad network your blog needs to have at least ten posts that are over a thousand words in length. If you try to early Google will tell you to try again later when you have more content

Adult Content – Basically if your content is on the risky end Google is going to tell you to go away and not come back. Remember you are showing ads from a variety of different companies and these companies do not want to be associated with risky or adult content.

Live In The Right Country – Google Adsense is not available worldwide so be before you even apply to this ad network make sure that you are living in a country that has been accepted into the program

Google Adsense Webmaster Guidelines – Google has a list of webmaster guidelines that people who wish to participate in the program and for people already in the program. If you violate these policies your website will not be allowed into the program and if you already are your account may be suspended. Make sure you have a clear idea of the Google Adsense Webmaster Guidelines

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Placing The Verification Code Into Your WordPress Website

Before you are accepted into the program and start making money with Google Adsense first you need to verify your website and allow Google to check over your website. The easiest way that I have found to do this is to download a Header and Footer plugin and just place the code into the header section. You can edit the actual code of your website but if you screw it up you are going to regret it so just do it the way I told you. After this is done all you have to do is wait for Google to come by and check out your website.

Now they are going to tell you that normally it takes three working days to do so but it has been my experience of late that it takes much longer than that. If Google finds that your website or blog is appropriate for the program they will send you an email telling you that you can now create ads for your website or they will tell you what you need to fix and to apply at a later date

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How To Make Money With Google Adsense

When we are talking about making money with Google Adsense their are two ways to make money and both require a good amount of traffic. The first is that you get paid every time an ad is viewed on your site but the amount is fraction of cents for each ad, basically the payout for a thousand views you could make between fifty cents and a dollar depending on what the niche of your particular website is.
The higher payout belongs to the second method which is when someone clicks on one of your ads. Now the payout for this ranges greatly depending on the niche of your website and the type of ad. There are advertisers who are paying over five dollars per click but they tend to be pretty rare and tend to be related to a certain type of lawsuit. Whereas the majority of advertisers are searching for the best deal and will pay as little as possible to promote their business. The other part that sucks is that people have become ad blind over the years so far less are actually clicking on ads anymore.

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Type Of Website Where Google Adsense Works

Even if you qualify for Google Adsense it is not going to work on every website nor would you want to use it on every website. If you are promoting an Amazon Niche Website such as Invicta Watches For Men where the hope is that the visitor finds a watch that they like, follow the link to Amazon and make a purchase. The last thing that you want is to exchange a four or five dollar commission for a fifty cent click on an ad as it just does not make any sense. On certain websites and blogs you want your reader to focus on what you are promoting and nothing else

The type of website where it is possible to make money with Google Adsense is information type websites. One of the blogs that I run is On Death Row USA which is exactly what it sounds like. The goal of the website is to provide my readers with information and I am not promoting anything else so Google Adsense is a way to earn a small amount of money off of this particular blog. Of course the issue with that specific blog is that their are not too many companies wishing to advertise on the site so I tend to get stuck with low paying ad campaigns

Of course it all comes down to traffic and the more of it the better. If your site averages less than a thousand views per month you should look for a better way to monetize than Google Adsense as you will make little to no income from it.

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What Not To Do With Google Adsense

There are a variety of items on Google Adsense do not list that can get you banned from the ad platform and they include:

Invalid Clicks and Impressions – This is the big no no that gets people banned all the time. For whatever the reason people believe if they click on their ads that Google will not find out and they are mistaken as Google tracks every click and looks for patterns to make sure that the clicks are genuine. The other is by purchasing traffic that will increase their ad views but Google does not appreciate as it is not real traffic. Remember this is Google main source of income so they need to protect both their advertisers and themselves. Just don’t do it

Duplicate Content or Copyrighted Material – People use to fill their websites from information copied from elsewhere in order to make their websites appear much larger than they actually are. Google does perform periodic checks on the websites inside of their ad platform and if your website is found to include both duplicate content or copyrighted material you will be removed from the ad program

Asking People To Click – Another problem from the past is when webmasters would ask their readers to click on their ads in order to support their website. Now this may sound like a good idea from Google perspective is not. What Google wants is people who actually have interest in the ads and will purchase their advertisers items and not false buyers. Google tracks the people who click on ads and whether they actually buy or subscribe to what is being advertised as they can measure the rate of success and charge accordingly

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Google Adsense Versus Affiliate Marketing

When you compare making money with Google Adsense to making money with Affiliate Marketing their is a clear winner in the potential income that you can make from home. With Affiliate Marketing the payout is always going to be one larger side as one small commission from Amazon is more than most smaller websites will make in a day or a week with Google Adsense.

It is also much easier to create an Amazon Niche Website than it is to create a website that is meant for Google Adsense. The before mentioned blog On Death Row USA has over forty-five hundred posts and took me nearly two months to create whereas I can make a solid Amazon Niche Website in under a week that will have the potential of earning commissions in a short time.

Of course to succeed in Affiliate Marketing their are a number of areas that you need to be familiar with in order to succeed which is why I rely on the help I receive at Wealthy Affiliate to make sure that I am on track. If you wish to learn more about Affiliate Marketing and how to make money at home make sure to sign up for a Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate

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