My Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018


When it comes to making your mark in Affiliate Marketing it is necessary to have as much ammunition as possible in your arsenal and with Wealthy Affiliate I have that. From the one on one coaching to the information provided in all aspects of Affiliate Marketing to the assortment of tools to create and build your website Wealthy Affiliate has that and so much more. In this Wealthy Affiliate Review we are going to look at all the aspects of this Affiliate Marketing community and see why it is going stronger than ever.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Website: Wealthy Affiliate

Membership:  Free (sign up here)

Membership:  Premium $49 Per month or $359 Per Year

Rating: 95/100

Who Is It For:  Newbie to Advance Affiliate Marketers

wealthy affiliate sitetools

WA Available Tools

Site Rubix – Site Rubix is the main website creator on Wealthy Affiliate and it was designed to be as easy as possible to create your website. Basically all you have to do is come up with a name, pick a URL on their free site or buy a professional domain through Site Domain. Pick a theme and then hit start. It is just as easy as that. The basics for the site that you are now on took me less than five minutes from conception to finish.

Site Content – Site Content is actually what I am using at this very minute to create this article. What Site Content does is scans your work for spelling and grammar mistakes and it also checks the web to ensure that your content is original and will draw the deadly duplicate content penalty from Google. Once the article is complete Site Content will post your created content to the website of your choosing. Site Content also comes with a number of templates to take care of those boring website pages such as Affiliate Disclosure and Privacy Policy.

Site Domain – As mentioned earlier I purchased this domain and the others that I own through Site Domain. Instead of having to deal with other domain providers and their hidden costs everything about Site Domain is crystal clear. Within minutes of buying my domain the strong customer support team at Wealthy Affiliate has my website up and running.

Site Feedback – Now lets say you just created a new website promoting something but you want someone to look it over. With the Site Feedback platform all you need to do is review two websites and you will earn enough credits to enable someone to review your website. Wealthy Affiliate is a very hands on community and it is easy to find someone to review your website

Site Comments – The problem with early websites is no one knows they exist and when Google is ranking your site comments go a long way. Again after leaving two comments you earn enough credits to get someone to comment on your site. There are also a number of posts created in the forums where people will review your site and leave an appropriate comment.

Jaaxy – Jaaxy is a keyword and niche research tool which is the key to developing strong Affiliate Marketing websites. Jaaxy will take any keyword and break it down so you are able to tell whether you should pursue this. There are other keyword research tools on the web but they want a huge one time payment or a high monthly subscription rate. Jaaxy is free to members of the Wealthy Affiliate community

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One On One Coaching

One on One Coaching

If you have ever looked around for one on one coaching you will know what some so called Internet Guru’s are charging for this service. At Wealthy Affiliate anytime you have a question about anything you will quickly get an answer and guidance. There are members of the Wealthy Affiliate who have been in Affiliate Marketing for years and know all the in and outs. Between the chat and the forum you will always get the help that you deserve and need in order to start a successful website and make money online. With a community that surpasses 100,000 members any question that you may have is available in the blink of an eye.

wealthy affiliate review hosting


WA Hosting

Go ask your hosting company how much they are going to charge you to host twenty five of your sites each day and the figure is going to shock you.  Now with the premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate the same twenty five sites are hosted as part of your membership which is a fraction of what the hosting companies would charge.  On top of the twenty five websites you can also host an additional twenty five websites of the Site Rubix variety which is free domain websites that are fantastic to exploring a wide variety of niches to see if any of them take off.


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Site Support

WA Site Support

Anyone who has ever ran a website knows that every once in a while something happens on the technical end that makes us want to pull our hair out.  Thankfully Wealthy Affiliate has people on duty twenty four hours a day seven days per week to help out when this happens.  Wondering why your website goes black at three o’clock in the morning?  Well there is someone there to help you out.  Lets say you want to transfer your URLs from a hosting company who is blatantly ripping you off each month well Site Support can help you do that with ease and will not charge you a cent.

wealthy affiliate community



WA Community

As  I have mentioned there are thousands upon thousands of Premium members at Wealthy Affiliate who are there to make sure all members of the community are on the right track to meet their goals.  Whether it is asking the opinion of others on how there website is progressing or how their latest post reads there is always someone who is available to help you succeed.  Of course when you have that many members if you ever get stuck in any part of your affiliate marketing journey it is guaranteed that someone else has experience that same thing and knows what to do

wealthy affiliate site tools 2018


Site Tools

WA Site Tools

When you purchase your domain from Wealthy Affiliate there is no hidden charges and what the other guys like to charge you for at WA it is included.  What is also included is a number of site tools that include

    • Site Speed – Speeds up your site to help you gain more traffic and better ranking without the use of WordPress plugins that would slow down your website
    • SiteSSL – HTTPS – Soon Google is going to be looking for this feature and if your site does not have it then you are going to be considered to have an unsecured website which is definitely not good
    • Site Protect – A built in spam protector saving you from unwanted comments and attacks

Wealthy Affiliate Review Tutorials

Site Tools

WA Tutorials

It would take me forever to list all the tutorials that are available on Wealthy Affiliate and more are added each and every week. From how to master SEO to social networking to Google AdWords to you name it there are tutorials available on every topic. Remember if there is anything that you do not understand all you need to ask on the chat or the forum and the answer will be made available

wealthy affiliate review certification in affiliate marketing

Certification In Affiliate Marketing

Certification In Affiliate Marketing

The certification in Affiliate Marketing is a five level course that contains fifty lessons that cover absolutely every aspect of affiliate marketing. it is designed to help a person who is new to affiliate marketing to get up to speed quickly and start earning money online. Every lesson consists of a number of steps in order to make sure that each and every aspect of affiliate marketing is covered.

  1. Getting Started
    1.  Getting Rolling
    2. Understanding How To Make Money Online
    3. Choose A Niche
    4. Building Your Own Niche Website
    5. Setting Up Your Website
    6. Getting Your Site Ready For Search Engines
    7. Creating Your Initial Website Content
    8. Creating Custom Menus On Your Website
    9. Understanding Keyword
    10. Congratulations And Your Next Step
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
    1. Your Own Domain, Your Own Brand
    2. Move On Over, My Brand Has Arrived
    3. Creating Keyword Rich Content
    4. Setting Up A Domain Specific Email
    5. The Traffic Breakdown
    6. Making Use Of Visuals
    7. Understanding Low Hanging Fruit
    8. Making Face As A Real Fruit
    9. Amplifying Your Google Love With Google Plus
    10. Boosting Your WA Boost
  3. Making Money
    1. Understanding the Money In Online Business
    2. Understanding Affiliate Programs And Networks
    3. Relevant Affiliate Programs Are Everywhere
    4. Adding Affiliate Links To Your Pages
    5. Instant Access To A Million Products
    6. Leveraging Product Reviews
    7. Getting Paid For Ads On Your Site
    8. Earning Pennies Or Dollars
    9. A Brilliant Way To Track And Understand Your Traffic
    10. With Help Comes Financial Success
  4. Mastering Social Engagement
    1. What Does Social Engagement Mean To Your Business
    2. Making Your Website A Place To Engage
    3. Using Facebook The Right Way
    4. Pinterest And The Visual Social Hemisphere
    5. Incorporating A Sweet Twitter Campaign
    6. Google Plus Or Minus
    7. The Benefit Of Being Social At WA
    8. Make Your Campaigns Social Branding Animals
    9. Using The Wealthy Affiliate Social Community
    10. You Cannot Be A Master Of Everything
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation
    1. Content Is Your Business
    2. Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools
    3. Improving Indexing Times And Speed
    4. People Need To Read Your Content
    5. A Year Is A Short Period Of Time But Big For Your Business
    6. Writing Within A Devised Plan Of Architecture
    7. Writing Your Content With Conversion Intent
    8. Injecting Comments With Intent
    9. Bing And Yahoo Are Still 33%
    10. Articulating A Plan For The Months And Years Ahead


wealthy affiliate bootcamp

Affiliate Bootcamp

Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp takes off where the Certification In Affiliate Marketing ends.  This is an advance course in affiliate marketing where your so called internet guru’s like to charge hundreds of dollars for and of course is included in your premium membership.  With Affiliate Bootcamp you learn how to separate yourself from others in this competitive niche and actually make money at home.  Affiliate Bootcamp is mandatory for anyone who is serious about making money online

  • Getting Your Business Rolling
    •  Getting Started
    • Choosing Your Direction
    • Building Your Website
    • A Website Look Around
    • Activating Your Plugins
    • Getting Your Website Ready For Seo
    • Your Initial Framework Of Content
    • Understanding The Keyword Research Process
    • Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews
    • The Exciting Journey Has Begun
  • Content, Keywords And Conversions
    • Creating Readable Content That Converts
    • Properly Using Affiliate Links
    • Understanding Keywords & A Day Of Selling
    • Creating Reviews And Targeting Keywords
    • Take A Break, Catch Up
    • Backing Up Your Website
    • Enhancing Your Website Experience
    • Building More Content Through Internal Links
    • Write A Review And Share It
    • Offering Bonuses The Easy WA
  • Giving Your Site Social Value
    • Make You Site Social With Plugins
    • Making Your Social Profiles Brand Friendly
    • How To Create Socially Engaging Content
    • Its All About Making Friends With Google
    • Take A Social Hiatus
    • Power Writing Gone Wild
    • Adding Google Analytics To Your Site
    • Leveraging The Jaaxy Affiliate Program
    • Making Promotional Use Of Your Sidebar
    • Build, Build and Build
  • Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get Branded Through Media
    • Introduction To Website Design
    • An Image Says A Thousand Things
    • Leveraging Wealthy Affiliate Videos For Ranking
    • Creating Logos And Images
    • Give Yourself A Break
    • Creating An Effective Jaaxy Review
    • Research Jaaxy Keywords, Then Show And Tell
    • Pinning Habits Leads To Success On Pinterest
    • Creating Your Own Videos
    • A Lesson On Customer Perspective
  • Knowing Your Audience And Capturing Referrals
    • Creating Content With Intent
    • Getting Your Comments To Convert
    • Video, A Huge Source Of Traffic
    • From Keywords To Live On YouTube
    • A Discussion On Reviews
    • The Ultimate Referral Tool
    • Incorporating Custom Sign Up Forms Into Your Website
    • Helping Folks Is Critical
    • Create Custom Sign Up Pages
    • Creating A Six Week Plan Of Action
  • Bing, Yahoo And The Power Of PPC
    • An Introduction On PPC On Bing Ads
    • Letting Bing And Yahoo Know About Your Site
    • Paying For Traffic On Bing and Yahoo
    • Setting Up Your First PPC Campaign
    • Take A Break, Do A Little Math
    • Creating Small, Bite Size Review Ad Groups
    • Setting Up Conversion Tracking
    • Capitalizing On Hidden PPC Landing Pages
    • Getting Real Creative With Keywords
    • Refining Your PPC Campaign And Your Journey Forward
  • How To Scale A Successful PPC Campaigns
    • Blasting Your WA Affiliate Earning With PPC
    • Understanding The Google Adwords Opportunity
    • Maximizing  Reviews Pages With PPC
    • You, The Affiliate, Are Responsible For Tracking
    • Mastering The Flow Of Relevance
    • The Double Down Approach To PPC
    • To Direct Link Or To Not To Direct Link
    • The Mathematical Business Model Of PPC
    • Using Concise Pages For PPC
    • Creating A Long Term Scalable PPC Campaign



wealthy affiliate review signup

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is meant for the serious Affiliate Marketer who understands that making money at home requires a lot of effort, hard work and time.  There is no short cuts when it comes to affiliate marketers and those who believe so are going to be among the ninety percent of people who fail to make a dime online.  If you are ready to actually put in the effort, learn a ton from the fine folks of Wealthy Affiliate and realize this is a marathon and not a sprint you may be ready to actually learn how to make decent money from home.  If this description sounds a lot like you then you may be ready for Wealthy Affiliate and start earning money at home

Wealthy Affiliate Review Conclusion

Needless to say a membership to Wealthy Affiliate priced at Fifty dollars per month is a steal at any level. From the wealth of knowledge to hosting 25 domains that you own plus 25 domains on the free Site Rubix platform to the top-level Keyword and Niche research tool to the Site Content tool it is easy to see why Wealthy Community continues to be one of the largest and strongest affiliate marketing communities available


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