PLR Articles Pros And Cons

In todays article we are going to take a closer look at PLR articles and how they can help or hurt your website. For those who are not familiar PLR articles are written material that you can use on your site, the PLR stands for Private Label Rights. Basically you purchase a set of articles from a given website that gives you permission to use that content on your own site. In this particular article we are going to look at the Pros and Cons of PLR articles.

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PLR Articles Pros

More Content For Your Site

Obviously the number one pro for using PLR article for your site is that it is an easy way of getting content for your site. You do not have to spend anytime searching for a topic to write about and all the research is already done for you. In the past PLR articles were very popular as for a few dollars you can pick up to twenty-five articles

More Affordable Than Article Writers

Another positive about PLR articles is that it is much more affordable than article writer services. Instead of spending a few dollars for a single article you will receive five, ten or twenty-five articles for the same price. I remember in the past spending ten dollars for a PLR directory that had hundreds of articles.

Saves You Time

I kind of hit on this in the first pro for PLR articles but it is a massive factor. It takes a long time to create a post for your website. From figuring out what you want to write about to the research to the actual writing of the article we are talking several hours. With a PLR article all the hard work is done for you.

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PLR Articles Cons

Duplicate Content

Of course the main issue when it comes to PLR articles is that anyone can buy them and post them to their website. If Google or another search engine finds the same article on multiple sites they are not going to show all of them in their search results. The website that publishes first or the higher ranked website overall is going to get the much sought after search engine spot.

Quality Of Writing

For some reason most of the PLR article sites that I have visited do not give you an example of their written work so you never really know the quality until you have purchased the product and opened it up

Not Your Style

Obviously everyone writes and creates articles in their own unique way and your readers either like you or hate you for it. When you introduce an article or articles in a whole new style they are going to know that you did not create it. Have too many of the PLR articles introduced back to back may lead to a loss of subscribers

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PLR Articles Best Practices

Rewrite The Articles

The best way to avoid the duplicate content issue and keep your readers happy is to rewrite the articles. Now I am not saying to rewrite it 100 percent but you need to make sure at least half of the article is rewritten. This will keep the search engines happy and the people visiting your website. Too many people buy these type of article and post them directly to their websites with no changes and wonder why they do not rank

Do Not Post All At Once

Another major mistake is that people buy a ten pack of PLR articles then post all at once. Not only does Google or another search engine notice this and typically responds by not ranking the articles. At the very least post one every three or four days if not longer. What I tend to do is post a PLR article once per week and mix in 100 percent original posts along with it.

Lots Of Images

The best use of PLR articles make sure to use a ton of images. Chances are the images will rank before the articles plus people tend to be really visual so the use of images definitely helps. Just make sure the images are not subject to copyright or else you could be speaking to a lawyer

PLR articles are a great way to introduce new content for your website but you need to make sure that they are not being posted with no alterations. There are a ton of PLR sites around and make sure to check out their reviews before making a purchase.

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PLR Articles Pros And Cons
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