Set Up Automatic Ping For Your WordPress Site


How To Set Up Automatic Pings For Your WordPress Site

Once you have spent a good amount of time writing the latest post for our WordPress site there is a simple step that you need to take to ensure that traffic will come in and that is to ping your WordPress site to the various search engines. Now when you set up your WordPress blog out of the box it will send your posts to a single ping site which is great however we can do a lot better and this article will outline how to do this

Copy WordPress Ping Sites

The below list is numerous ping sites that you can send your posts to which will increase your sites presence in the search engines which will hopefully increase traffic to your site

Simply copy the entire list and then we will head to the next step

wordpress ping

Setting Up Ping Sites In Your WordPress Dashboard

Now head to your Setting in your WordPress Dashboard and select Writing. At the bottom of the page there is a box underneath the title Update Services. Simply paste the list of ping sites and hit save. Just as easy as that. Now every time that you create a post it will automatically be sent to the long list of sites which will help the search engines find you faster than ever.

Set Up Automatic Ping For Your WordPress Site
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Set Up Automatic Ping For Your WordPress Site
Set Up Automatic Ping For Your WordPress Site
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