The Six Keys To Making Money At Home

When it comes to making money at home there are a number of keys points that need to be kept in mind in order to ensure a higher percentage of success. Unfortunately too many people start the process of creating a website, writing a number of posts and then simply giving up when they do not see any traffic nor sales appear. Hopefully this post will give you the idea on how you can start the process of making money at home.

keyword research

Doing Proper Keyword Research

When it comes to making money at home one of the most crucial tasks that many newcomers overlook is doing proper keyword research. What tends to happen over and over again is they find a very popular product at Amazon and decided that is what they are going to promote. Chances are the items on the Amazon best-seller list have been beaten to death by other Affiliate Marketers and there chance of ever ranking for these items is basically nonexistent. I get that the Instapot fad is huge at the moment but so is everyone who has ever created an Amazon niche website is also aware. This particular keyword attracts a ton of traffic however the number of competing websites is so large it is not going to be effective

What we need to find is an item that is popular at Amazon but is not being promoted by everyone who has access to a keyboard. Proper keyword research is going to save you a ton of time in the long run and help you make sales which will earn you commissions and allow you to make money at home.

site content

Lack Of Site Content

Time and time again I see websites that have your basic pages such as the about page, privacy policy and affiliate disclosure and only a handful of reviews and that is it. No matter what product you are promoting the bigger website is going to win as this is the one that Google likes. Content is King. Not only does every single post give you the opportunity of creating more chances to rank in the search engines and attracting viewers it will also show your readers that you are serious about promoting a given product line. When I see a website with only a handful of reviews I hit the back button and go somewhere else

schedule make money at home

Not Keeping A Schedule

One of the factors that Google looks for and a key to making money online is how often that you are posting to your website. When I start a new project I tend to post multiple times a day for the first couple of weeks then slowly back off to a more normal schedule to a couple of posts per week. Every single week I want to ensure that I am posting new content or the search engines will begin to lose interest and after a while will stop checking on my website which in turn will cause my rankings to fall.

tools make money at home

Failure To Use All Available Tools

When it comes to creating and promoting websites in order to make money at home the technology continues to get better and better year after year. Now you still have to actually write your material unless you choose to pay someone else to do it for you but there are a ton of available tools out there that will help you to promote your website. From Google Webmaster Tools which enables you to submit your website, monitor the visitors coming into your site, making available the keywords that they used to find your site and so much more.

To the social marketing tools such as Google Plus, Facebook and Pinterest to just name a few that allows you to share your latest content to your followers plus building precious back links at the same time. There are a ton of available tools out there for you to use and the majority of them will not cost you a thing

shortcuts making money at home

Taking Shortcuts

About a decade ago when I first started to create websites in order to make money from home there were a number of shortcuts that enabled you to rocket up the search engines much faster than the site or post actually deserved. From software that would enable you to create back links at an extraordinary rate making it seem that your website was ultra popular. To Blackhat SEO techniques that would fool the search engines into thinking that your website and posts were exactly what their readers were searching for.

The thing is of course is at the end of the day the search engines figured this out and through a series of algorithms and updates have ended this practice in a hurry and punishes those who still attempt to use these methods. The people who work at Google are well aware of all the tricks of the Blackhat SEO and are at a continual war to win this battle which so far they are well ahead in points. In the end you need to play by their rules or suffer the consequences

quit make money at home

Giving Up

Too often I see websites where the owner has spent many hours in creating and writing content than suddenly just giving up because the traffic is not coming in as they hoped and no sales have appeared over at their Amazon Associates account. One of the factors that Google looks for is the age of the site and those sites that have been around for a while are rewarded with strong rankings in the search engines. Some times sites are rewarded early on in their lifespan with traffic and sales but for most it takes a few months before Google starts to take your website or blog seriously and reward you with traffic

Well there are the first six keys to making money at home which especially apply to new sites. If you are serious about making money at home you need to treat your website like a business and understand this is a marathon and not a sprint.


Six Keys To Making Money At Home
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Six Keys To Making Money At Home
The Six Keys To Making Money At Home. Learn the essential keys to making money at home
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2 thoughts on “The Six Keys To Making Money At Home

  1. Great article. Google rewards hard work and the key is not to give up. How old do you think a site has to be? I heard that it can take 12 months to age your site into googles favor. Yes, these days you have to play by Googles rules but that also makes the internet less full of junk. I think doing 2 posts per week is great. It will definitely put you ahead of the pack.

    1. I have noticed around the three month mark Google really starts to pay attention.  That being said the older a site is the faster it tends to rank.  Thanks for commenting

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