Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

wealthy affiliate complaints

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for quite sometime now and it still amazes me the number of posts, forums and what have you about people who believe that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam and the number of false complaints that are out there.  So I decided, it is my website after all , to examine the most popular of the Wealthy Affiliate complaints in this article


Wealthy Affiliate Complaint Number One

The number one Wealthy Affiliate complaint is that it is not a press a single button and suddenly your bank account is full of cash.  Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make money online however you actually have to do the work in order to make money online.  If you want a system that will make you a ton of money all you have to do is send me $999 by way of Paypal and I will teach you how to scam people out of their hard earned money


Wealthy Affiliate Complaint Number Two

The number two Wealthy Affiliate complaint has to deal with the amount of time it takes in order to make money online.  Unfortunately the days of making a quick buck online are long gone as Google and the other search engines have disposed of all of the link farms and black hat SEO techniques.  Now in order to make money online you need to actually create a business and learn how to promote it.  Wealthy Affiliate will cover every step from start to finish however it is up to you to make it work by devoting your time to its creation.  Single page websites bringing in huge cash just do not exist anymore.


Wealthy Affiliate Complaint Number Three

The number three Wealthy Affiliate complaint is that it is way too expensive for what you get.  Now if you are looking on the surface at just the yearly price it may seem expensive however when you break it down it is one of the most affordable affiliate marketing communities you will find

  • Hosting for all of your sites.  I currently have six sites hosted with them including this one
  • Jaaxy – A keyword research tool that is among the best in the business.  Allows you to find those keywords that will in turn produce a website that will make you money
  • Twenty Four Hour Support – Something strange happening to your website that you can not figure out?  Thankfully the support team at Wealthy Affiliate have been there and done that a million times before so will get you straightened out quick
  • Thousands of hours of lessons to make sure that you are creating your website in the best possible fashion which will attract readers and make you money
  • In Depth Training – The training at Wealthy Affiliate is one of a kind that will lead you step by step through the creation of a website, to attracting readers and of course to making money
  • Tons Of Members – I don’t know the exact number of members but it is in the hundreds of thousands for sure.  Now with this many members it is easy to get the help and support that you need

Needless to say the price of membership at Wealthy Affiliate is well worth it and I just scratched the surface of what comes with it

Wealthy Affiliate Complaint Number Four

The fourth Wealthy Affiliate Complaint is that it is a scam.  Now I have been doing affiliate marketing for a long time and have run across a number of scams however Wealthy Affiliate is not one.  Everything that they and I promise you is what you will receive.  There is no blowing smoke here as once you arrive at the Wealthy Affiliate site you will clearly see what you are getting into.

Wealthy Affiliate Complaint Number Five

The fifth Wealthy Affiliate complaint is that there is no trial membership which is true.  When you initially sign up for Wealthy Affiliate you receive a free membership which does not expire like a trial membership.  With the free membership you can explore all you want, create your own website and see why so many people turn to Wealthy Affiliate in order to make money online.

Like always if you sign up for the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate and need any help what so ever I am always here to help out.  So take advantage of the free Wealthy Affiliate membership and I will see you there

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints
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Wealthy Affiliate Complaints
Wealthy Affiliate Complaints. The most common Wealthy Affiliate Complains
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