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The tool that I use everyday at Wealthy Affiliate is Site Content which is basically a built in word processor with a ton of cool features that makes it easier to create content for one of my sites.  In this article we are going to take a closer look at this Wealthy Affiliate Tool.

wealthy affiliate tools site content dashboard

Site Content Dashboard

As you can see from the screenshot above the basic Site Content dashboard is pretty straightforward.  From the tracking circle that lets me know that I have written almost eighty thousand words this month which is at the high end of the Wealthy Affiliate Community.  One hundred and ten articles published and the one that I am currently working on.  There is also tabs for writing statistics and templates which we will look at next.

wealthy affiliate tools site content templates 1

Site Content Templates

The templates are designed of course to save you time.  The two that I use most often are the Privacy Policy and the Affiliate Disclosure as they are both required by Google.  Inside these two particular templates is your standard Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure and all that is needed is to replace the Yoursite with your actual URL.  The About Me and Keyword Rich Content Page are mostly just headings where you need to fill in the actual paragraphs.

wealthy affiliate tools site content editor

Site Content Editor

As you can see from the screenshot above that the Site Content Editor looks very similar to most word processor with a number of buttons at the top of the Editor which are the following.

H1 – The H1 tab is your main headline setting.  The largest of the bunch of the headline setting

H2 – The H2 tab is your second headline setting

H3 – The last of the headline setting

P – The paragraph setting or your normal size text

B – Bold

I – Italics

U – Underline

The series of horizontal lines is for the alignment of the text

The paper clip emblem is to be used when you want to attach a link

The dot with a straight line following it is for the creation of lists

The square with a line through it is to create a line across the page

The colorful button is to add media to your posts or pages.  Wealthy Affiliate has a media library that contains a ton of images that all of their members are free to use at their disposal

The ABC button checks both for spelling mistakes, grammar and structure mistakes.

The Save button is pretty self explanatory

The Publish button first checks to make sure that your content is unique and is not in violation of the duplicate content penalty

wealthy affiliate tools site content publish

Site Content Publishing

As mentioned when it is time to wrap up your post or article you would hit the publish button.  The first thing the Wealthy Affiliate system asks which of your sites that you want the content published too, whether you want to publish as a page or post and the person who wrote the article.  The Wealthy Affiliate System then runs through the check to make sure the content is unique and if it is not it provides a warning, this is the normal issue when publishing both the Affiliate Disclosure and the Privacy Policy page.  Once you are cleared you hit publish and moments later the material appears on the site that you picked earlier.

Needless to say the Site Content tool is a favorite over at the Wealthy Affiliate community and is where I write over ninety percent of my articles.  At anytime I wish to revisit an older article it is saved in the background and with the click of a button it comes back up.  Wealthy Affiliate has a ton of tools that it offers its members and is easy to see why it remains the number one choice for Affiliate Marketers

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