Wealthy Affiliate Training Part Five

The last phase of the Wealthy Affiliate Training is all about putting the four prior steps together and ensuring success of your making money at home business. As with the previous four steps this phase of the training contains ten individual lessons each containing a video, tasks to accomplish and insider tips and hints. Lets get going with part five of Wealthy Affiliate Training

wealthy affiliate training

Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

When it comes to building your blog or website and getting it ready for success the amount of content that you can create plays such a crucial role. The days of creating a website with only a couple of posts are long gone as they no longer will rank well in Google Search. The final phase of the initial Wealthy Affiliate Training will put on the track for success
wealthy affiliate training

Content Is Your Business

The first lesson in the last phase of this particular Wealthy Affiliate Training concentrates on how to take your ordinary content and turning it into something special. There are a lot of factors when it comes to creating content that not only your readers will find helpful but will also rank well in the search engines.

wealthy affiliate training

Setting up Google Webmaster Tools

One of the best tools around when it comes to the creation and promotion of your websites and blogs is Google Webmaster Tools as it contains so many valuable insights and features that will help your website reach the top. From the submission of sitemaps, to Google fetch to Google search analytics in order to succeed you need to know how to get the most out of Google Webmaster Tools.

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Improving Index Times And Speeds

A key factor when it comes to websites and blogs ranking well in the search engines is the speed of your individual posts and pages. If your website or blog takes a long time to load it is not going to do well in the search engines and it is going to annoy your visitors as well. This lesson in the fifth phase of Wealthy Affiliate Training deals with the tips and tricks to ensure that your website or blog is running as fast as it possibly can. With more and more people using mobile devices to browse the web speed is more important than ever

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People Need To Read Your Content

Of course the best written content in the world means nothing if no one actually sees it. This lesson in the Wealthy Affiliate Training is all about how to send your website and articles to the top of Google Search Engine to reach the most eyes. There are a number of tips and tricks on how to improve your rankings and how to ensure that your content is easily understood and the readability factor is high.

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A Year Is Short Yet Big For Business

This particular lesson has to deal with the fact that creating a successful website or blog is not a sprint but a marathon. If you do not treat your website like a business it is going to fail and part of that is failure to think and act long term. A website that has not been updated in weeks is going to suffer from both lack of readers and loss of rankings. It is time to start planning long term to ensure success.

wealthy affiliate training blueprints

Writing Within A Devised Plan Of Architecture

When it comes to creating successful content there is definitely a template that one should use to maximize their chance of success. From the strong headline to the call for action to the actual material contained within the post itself. Once you know how to create and structure your content the process of creation becomes much easier and will make a bigger impact with your readers.

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Writing Your Content With Conversion Intent

Of course when you are writing on your website the hope is that your reader will take the next step and follow your affiliate links to either make a purchase or sign up for a given service. A piece of content that is not designed this way is going to lead to loss of conversions which means loss of potential income. Learn how to write content that converts is a major skill that needs to be learned

wealthy affiliate comments

Injecting Comments With Intent

Google likes comments on websites as it shows interaction on your pages which means more interest. However not every comment is going to cut it and does not add to the conversation but takes away from it. In this lesson we will learn how to add to the conversation and what to do with comments that just do not measure up.

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Bing And Yahoo, They Are Still 33%

Now everyone on the planet knows that Google dominates the search engine world however there are still people out there who avoid the Big G like the plague. By signing up with both Bing and Yahoo may not bring in a ton of traffic it will still bring in readers who may not have discovered you otherwise. Takes a few minutes to sign up to both so it definitely does not hurt to do so

wealthy affiliate training

Articulating A Plan For The Months and Year Ahead

As I mentioned before creating a website or blog for success is not a sprint but a marathon and it is time to plan for the future. Where do you see your website in the future and how do you plan to get there? This is the time you want to determine the path that your website is going to take and create a posting schedule that will not only keep your readers happy it will also lead o higher rankings in the search engine.

Well there is the final phase of the initial Wealthy Affiliate Training and needless to say it covers a lot of material to ensure that you are on the right path to success and reach the goals that you have set out. As mentioned earlier along with this series of lessons there are also hundreds of individual lessons on every aspect of affiliate marketing ensuring your long term success. Take a few minutes and check out the Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership and see for yourself all the material and tools available to you

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