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I belong to Wealthy Affiliates and in order for you to understood why I chose to join this elite group of affiliate marketers. I will go through just a few of the many areas to give you an idea to show you why this was the best decision I made when it comes to making money online

Wealthy Affiliates Reason Number One

The first reason I decided to join Wealthy Affiliates is that there are areas I am just not that strong in. Now I could go out and spend a ton of money and hire so called experts or I could have thousands of members at my fingertips. Basically if I have a problem I just log on to the Wealthy Affiliate chat and ask my question and within minutes I have an answer. The Wealthy Affiliate community consists of people who have just begun their make money online journey to those who know every trick in the book. If you are having a problem setting up your website or figuring out your CSS there is someone there to help. This alone saves me a ton of money each and every month

Wealthy Affiliates Reason Number Two

Currently I own three domains, the URL in your address bar, and they are all hosted at Wealthy Affiliate at no cost. Now if I owned twenty-five websites they would still be covered under my premium membership. Now on top of those twenty-five domain websites I also can host twenty-five more Site Rubix websites. Now a Site Rubix website is similar to one your would find on WordPress dot com or blogger. If this website was on Site Rubix the address would be makemoneyathomereview.siterubix.com. Needless to say to the cost of hosting a website can get really expensive really quick so having all of,my websites under one roof and paid for is priceless.

Wealthy Affiliates Reason Number Three

As I have mentioned in a previous article the learning curve of affiliate marketing can be pretty darn steep. Wealthy Affiliates have been around since 2002 so needless to say they have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to affiliate marketing. From the lessons they have learned they have ensured that their members have access to every single bit of information of all aspects of affiliate marketing. On top of that Wealthy Affiliates also has set up a series of classrooms to teach you from the very beginning to the end of creating a website that will help you make money online step by step. Like I have said before I have been doing this for awhile but there is always new ways to conduct your online business and it is nice to have this info at my fingertips

wealthy affiliates university

Wealthy Affiliates Reason Number Four

When you are building your first website for affiliate marketing it can be tricky to figure out what to promote and that comes down to keyword research. Wealthy Affiliate has a tool called Jaaxy which makes this a lot easier. Basically what Jaaxy does is takes your keyword and tells you how many people are searching for that term, how many other websites are using the same keyword, the odds that your keyword will be successful and the chance of your keyword showing up at the top of Google. Now there are other keyword tools out there that do this exact thing but they cost money. From a hundred plus dollars for a standalone keyword tool to a monthly subscription that costs more than what Wealthy Affiliate charges for a premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliates Reason Number Five

The last reason for a lot of people joining the Wealthy Affiliates community is the ease when it comes to building a professional website. Now this particular website took me less than five minutes to build and it would have been faster if I was not so picky. With the Site Rubix builder it makes it a snap to build your dream site in a manner of minutes. The Wealthy Affiliates community is well versed in creating websites that will help you make money online. In a future article I will go through the plugins that I do use in all of my websites to attract visitors and keep Google happy at the same time

Well there is just five reasons out of many on why I joined Wealthy Affiliates and if you are looking for a community to help you make money online. There is also a FREE trial period where you can see for yourself all the great features that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and you do not need a credit card


Wealthy Affiliates Make Money Online
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Wealthy Affiliates Make Money Online
Learn how to make money online with Wealthy Affiliates. Free trial no credit card needed
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