Working On Multiple Projects

Needless to say I have a number of projects that I am normally working on and even though most of the internet gurus say that you need to focus on one it just works better for me.  Call it lack of an attention span or something else it is just something that I have always done

For the last month I have been working on a major project called Inmate Search Death Row which is basically a copy of my other death row site On Death Row USA but will be a lot more user friendly as it is on the WordPress platform instead of Blogger.  When you think of the number of death row inmates that populate prisons across the United States then you get a pretty clear idea why this is something that is taking a long time.  This is a website that does generate some income but it will never be a huge moneymaker but it is where my interest lie

I have a number of Amazon Affiliate Websites that cover topics such as Android Boxes, Camping Supplies and a few others.  Since my attention has been elsewhere with the death row site I kind of have let them slide however they are still making some money each week.  The good thing about Amazon websites that once you have a certain number of posts they tend to bring in sales each week

The last website is one regarding Mental Health which does bring in some revenue from Google Adsense but its main purpose is to educate those in a voice from someone who has dealt with these issues and not a guy or gal in a white coat.

My favorite part of creating websites has always been at the beginning.  From coming up with an idea, finding the right keywords, building the site and the initial few posts.  Again from lack of attention span I am always thinking of the next project.

So if you are wondering where I went you now have an explanation. I am still an active member at Wealthy Affiliate and they are continuing to host all of my sites.

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